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Julianna is an experienced and talented gown designer

Julianna taught herself to sew at age eight using a Singer machine, fabric remnants, and sewing patterns for her Barbie doll — her Barbie was the best dressed doll in town. She received a BFA in Theater from Stephens College in Columbia, MO and an MFA in theater from The University of Texas, Austin. Now she is a fabric artist with 27 years of professional experience, specializing in vintage wedding gown redesign and costume design.

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Julianna has a deep passion for fabrics, historical clothing, creating garments from drawings, pattern making, and making garments so they can live a second life in another production.

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An Award-winning Gown Doctor

Julianna restores, restyles, and redesigns gowns, dresses, and men’s wear for families to enjoy as the next generation celebrates and honors those before them. She artistically uses a gown (or gowns) along with new and vintage fabrics and trims to create heirloom garments. 

Julianna's Wardrobe was recently awarded "Best Recycled Fashion 2021" by Westword in their Best of Denver® series.

Love What You See?

Contact Julianna to bring your love to life.

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