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Step 1: Initial consultation

The initial consultation will be in person or a video call.  This is to determine if our collaboration is compatible in creating your special gown/garment. I ask you to share photos of what you like, before our meeting. (Often this is done through Pinterest if possible.)

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Step 2: In studio Consultation

I will meet with you, and ask you to bring any garments you would like included in your vision. We will discuss design possibilities and start creating a design. Often a simple sketch will be done at this consultation. I will take measurements of you and I may have you try on the garment to check fit and/or talk about the design. You will need to bring the shoes and undergarments you plan to wear, on your special day, so we can get the perfect fit.

Julianne & Shay Before

Step 3: cleaning

Vintage gowns will be cleaned. Even if they have been sealed, sometimes there are still spots that were missed. I will carefully inspect the entire gown for any areas that need to be cleaned.


Step 4: Deconstruction of gown

Once a design is approved the gown will be carefully taken apart where needed in order to build the new gown or make the needed alterations.

unnamed (10).jpg

Step 5: First Fitting

Either a toile will be made to test the fit or the original gown/ garment will be basted together in a way so it can be fit.


You will need to bring your undergarments and shoes for this fitting.


Step 6: Shopping

I will go shopping with you to help you pick your fabrics or lace or I will shop for you and get swatches for you to choose from.


Step 7: Second Fitting

This is the fitting where I tell clients that will be the hardest fitting to imagine what the gown/garment will look like. This fitting is mostly for the fit of the garment, not the way it looks. Though we may talk about finishes and trims at this fitting.


You will need to bring your undergarments and shoes for this fitting.


Step 8: Additional Fitting

Sometimes due to fit, major change of hem or decorative details additional fittings will be needed.

You will need to bring your undergarments and shoes for this fitting.

Julianna & Masha- Our Story slide show.jpg

Step 9: Gown/ Garment Delivery

On the day you pick up your gown/garment you will be asked to bring your undergarments and shoes again. You will try your gown/garment on one last time to check everything. Your maid of honor or the person helping dress on your special day is encouraged to come. They will be shown how the closures and if there is a bustle how it works. They are encouraged to take a video of the process so they have a visual on the day of your ceremony.

Ready to Begin?

Contact Julianna to bring your love to life.

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