S. Stephans, Bride

"The Dress Whisperer". I had been looking for a dress for my pending wedding, I went to a beautiful store and tried a good 10 dresses on, I looked online, I built my Pinterest board, but nothing was fully truly speaking to me… But then in a flash of inspiration I thought of a dress of my Grandmother’s- that had been custom made for her in the late 50’s early 60’s, and I have now had for at least a decade. A cream chinois fabric, it looked like nothing else I have seen and but was very much my style! However, it was beat up and I had, put on a few pounds… Julianna to the rescue! Her love and respect for this old garment showed immediately and I knew I was in good hands. 

P. Adams, Mother of Bride

My daughter decided to get married on Halloween and throw a costume wedding. Julianna took a corseted dress that she made for me twenty years ago and redesigned it so I could wear at my daughter’s wedding. This required finding matching fabric to expand the corset and the creation of additional panels. We took a second dress and incorporated it into the design, along with items from different sources to create an amazing finished dress. I loved to wear this custom designed gown at my daughter’s wedding. 

My daughter's wedding dress had the basic elements that she liked, but needed some significant alterations to make it into what she wanted. She needed the bodice completely lined, sleeves designed and added, the multi-layer skirt shortened, and a bustle added. Adding to the challenge, my daughter was getting married in Colorado, but living in Idaho, so had limited availability for fittings and consultations. Julianna made everything work beautifully. The fittings were scheduled around my daughter's few short visits prior to the wedding and were pleasant, easy sessions. The end result was stunning. The dress fit perfectly, the sleeves were unique, beautifully crafted, and looked like they had always been part of the dress. The whole effect was like she'd had a dress custom made for her. Julianna's craftsmanship is amazing and we were thrilled with the quality of the final product. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.

M. Peterson, Mother of Bride

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