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JWJ Collaboration

Ever since they first met, Julianna and Janett have dreamed and talked about collaborating on something amazing.  Their vision of working together, side by side, laughing and creating beautiful textiles and sparkling jewelry. 


Life goes on with education, family and children. They spend time encouraging each other with new endeavors in their lives, while the vision continued weaving its way into the fabric of their lives. 


On one of their many treasure hunting ventures, while Janett is peering into cases full of vintage jewelry, a beautiful antique dress catches Julianna’s eye. They naturally fell into their chatter about the vision. In that magical moment, the JWJ Collaboration was born.


Julianna creates the garments and Janett creates the jewelry, both originated with vintage pieces. 


It has been exactly as they dreamed, loving every moment creating, side by side, laughing.