Meet Julianna

On the day a couple marries the love and joy weaves itself into the fibers of the wedding gown and lives there as the gown is stored for the next generation, with the great hope that a daughter, granddaughter, or niece will wear the gown. I believe these gowns are worthy of a second life.

I restore, restyle and redesign gowns, dresses, and men’s wear for families to enjoy as the next generation celebrates and honors those before them. I artistically use a gown (or gowns) along with new and vintage fabrics and trims to create heirloom garments. 

I absolutely love working with brides. I am an artist, whose medium is fabric, specializing in vintage wedding gown redesign with 27 years’ experience helping families pass on their heirloom gowns to younger generations. I take great care in keeping the true character of the dress that the bride admires while bringing out the modern design. Being theatrically trained I build gowns in a way so the original fabrics are protected and the gown can be altered and used in the future by another generation.  

Both of my grandmothers were exceptional seamstresses but lived far away. So, when I was 8 years old, I read my mother’s Singer sewing machine manual and started to teach myself to sew. My father would take me to Cloth World. I would wander through all the rows of fabric and He would buy me small pieces of fabric out of the remnant bins. I would save my allowance so I could buy sewing patterns for my barbie doll. My Barbie was the best dress girl in town. 

I started college in fashion but ended up in the theater department. After receiving my BFA in Theater, from Stephens College in Columbia, MO, I worked in theater costume shops across the country. And this is where I learned my true love for fabrics, historical clothing, creating garments from drawings, pattern making, and most of all the tricks of the trade to make garments in a way to live that second life in another production. 

After receiving my MFA in theater from The University of Texas, Austin, my husband and I had the most beautiful baby girl. We moved back home to Colorado and I continued to create costumes, custom garments, and wedding gowns while caring for my daughter. 

I feel blessed to always have been able to be an artist and create with fabric the dream gowns of others while caring for my family. 

When my daughter was baptized, I used my own wedding gown to create Her gown. It was so special for me to create that little tiny gown for Her that I continue to use my gown to also create Her first communion and confirmation gowns. The lace bodice of my wedding gown is waiting for the day when She decides to marry.